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WT-7 Coffee tamper



Espresso Coffee Tamper 51mm Best Stainless Steel Tamper Tool

Our espresso tamper is a tool that is essential for making high-quality espresso. It is used to compress ground coffee beans into a puck of uniform density, which is then placed into the portafilter of an espresso machine. The tamper is an essential component of the espresso-making process because it ensures that the water pressure is evenly distributed throughout the puck of ground coffee, resulting in a more balanced extraction and a better-tasting shot of espresso.

Espresso tampers are usually made of stainless steel or aluminum and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights. The most common shape is a flat-bottom tamper, which is used to create a uniform and consistent puck of ground coffee. Some tampers have a convex or concave bottom, which is used to create a specific pattern in the puck for improved water flow. The size of the tamper is important because it needs to match the size of the portafilter basket in order to create a tight seal. The weight of the tamper is also important because it provides the necessary pressure to compact the ground coffee.

Product Detials
Bottom:51 High:91
bubble bag+ white box
Stainless Steel
Sample time
5-7working days

When choosing an espresso tamper, it is important to consider the type of espresso machine that you have, as well as the size of the portafilter basket. Some espresso machines have a commercial-style portafilter that requires a larger tamper, while others have a smaller, home-style portafilter that requires a smaller tamper. The type of grind that you use can also affect the size and shape of the tamper that you need. If you are using a fine grind, you may need a smaller tamper, while if you are using a coarser grind, you may need a larger tamper.

In conclusion, an Metal Coffee Tamper is an essential tool for making high-quality espresso. It is important to choose the right tamper for your espresso machine and your specific needs, in order to ensure that you get the best extraction and the best-tasting shot of espresso possible. With the right tamper, you can make espresso that is rich, flavorful, and full of crema, every time.