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WT-6 Coffee tamper



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A Coffee Tamper Tool is a crucial tool for every coffee enthusiast, barista, and café owner. It is a compact tool that is used to press ground coffee into a uniform puck before brewing espresso. It ensures that the coffee grounds are compact and tightly packed, which is essential to extract the maximum flavor and aroma from the coffee.

Coffee tampers come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. The size of the tamper base should match the size of the portafilter basket, which holds the ground coffee in an espresso machine. The tamper should also be heavy enough to apply the necessary pressure to compress the grounds without feeling too heavy or cumbersome to use.

Product nameEuro Curve Coffee Tamper
Item No.HQ19
MaterialStainless steel
MOQ100 piece
Sample leadtime7-10 working days
Product time30 days after your order confirming
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The correct use of a coffee tamper is important to ensure that the coffee extraction is consistent and the espresso shots are of high quality. The barista should start by distributing the ground coffee evenly into the portafilter basket, then tapping the basket gently to settle the grounds. The tamper should be placed on top of the grounds, and the barista should apply steady, even pressure to compress the grounds into a tight puck.

Using the right amount of pressure is crucial, as too little pressure will result in weak, under-extracted coffee, while too much pressure will lead to over-extracted, bitter coffee. A tamper that has the right weight, size, and pressure helps to achieve a consistent and uniform puck, which results in consistent and high-quality espresso shots.

In conclusion, a coffee tamper is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make great espresso at home or in a café. It is a simple tool that can make a big difference in the quality and consistency of the coffee extraction. Whether you are a coffee aficionado, barista, or café owner, investing in a high-quality tamper is a must.