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WT-3 Rotatable Coffee distributor



Rotatable Coffee Distributor Wholesale Bean Tool Espresso Tamper

A rotatable coffee distributor is a device used in espresso machines to evenly distribute the ground coffee in the portafilter before tamping. The aim of the coffee distributor is to ensure that the coffee grounds are spread evenly in the portafilter basket, which helps to produce a uniform extraction of the espresso. This, in turn, leads to a better taste and aroma in the final cup of coffee.

The coffee distributor typically consists of a disc that sits on top of the portafilter basket. The disc is rotated by hand and has a number of small spikes or arms that help to distribute the ground coffee evenly. The number of spikes and their arrangement on the distributor can vary depending on the manufacturer and the design of the device. Some distributors have adjustable arms, allowing for fine-tuning of the distribution process to suit different coffee blends and grind sizes.

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Coffee tamper
Stainless Steel,eco friendly
100 pcs
sample leadtime
About 7 working days
51mm, 53mm,58mm
456g each piece
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The use of a coffee distributor can greatly improve the quality of the espresso compared to manually distributing the coffee grounds with a tamper. This is because the rotatable distributor helps to eliminate channeling, which can occur when the coffee grounds are packed too tightly in certain areas of the portafilter basket. Channeling can lead to uneven extraction and an inconsistent taste in the final cup of coffee.

In addition to improving the taste and aroma of the espresso, using a rotatable coffee distributor can also save time and effort compared to manual distribution. This is especially true for baristas who prepare many shots of espresso each day. The rotatable distributor helps to ensure that each shot is distributed evenly, reducing the need for manual adjustments and helping to speed up the preparation process.

Overall, the rotatable coffee distributor is an essential tool for any barista or coffee lover looking to improve the quality of their espresso. Its ability to evenly distribute the coffee grounds, eliminate channeling, and save time make it a valuable addition to any espresso machine setup. Whether you’re a professional barista or a home coffee enthusiast, a rotatable coffee distributor is sure to enhance your espresso-making experience.