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WT-1 Coffee tamper



Coffee Distributor And Tamper Custom Espresso Factory Price

A Coffee Distributor And Tamper is a tool used in the preparation of espresso to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the portafilter. The purpose of this is to ensure that water flows evenly through the grounds and to create an even extraction of the espresso shot. A well-distributed coffee puck allows for a consistent extraction and helps prevent channeling, which occurs when water takes the path of least resistance through the coffee puck.

Product Detials
Bottom:58 High:39
Color box or OEM design of demand
Stainless Steel+Aluminum alloy
Sample time
5-7working days
Payment Terms
L/C,T/ T

On the other hand, a coffee tamper is used to compact the coffee grounds in the portafilter to the correct density for extraction. Tamping is a crucial step in the preparation of espresso because it determines the extraction pressure and the final flavor of the shot. A tamper that is too light will result in a weak shot, while a tamper that is too heavy will result in an overextracted shot.

There are different types of coffee distributors and tampers available on the market, each with its own design and purpose. Some of the popular types include flat-bottom tampers, convex tampers, and tamper mats. Flat-bottom tampers are designed to create an even surface for tamping, while convex tampers have a rounded edge to help with the distribution of the grounds. Tamper mats provide a non-slip surface for tamping and can help to prevent damage to countertops.

In conclusion, coffee distributors and tampers are crucial tools in the preparation of espresso. They play a major role in the extraction process and help to create a consistent and flavorful shot. When choosing a coffee distributor and tamper, it is important to consider the size and shape of the portafilter, as well as personal preference and experience. With the right tools, baristas and coffee enthusiasts can create the perfect espresso shot every time.