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WL-2 Blind Filter Basket



Blind Filter Basket Stainless Steel Basket Style Coffee Filter Holder

A filter basket is a device used in the coffee industry to brew espresso. It is a metal basket that fits into the portafilter of an espresso machine and holds the ground coffee. The basket is designed with small holes to allow water to flow through and extract the coffee, while preventing the grounds from entering the cup. The key difference between a filter basket and a regular filter basket is that the filter basket has no holes in the center, hence the name “blind.” This makes it useful for several purposes.

Product Nameblind basket
Color silver color
MOQ  10 pcs
Material stainless steel
Logofree logo printing
Packaging white box, or custom
Payment Terms Paypal, TT, Western Union,etc
Delivery time 10days after payment

(mainly depend on your situation)

Sample Available,refund the price difference in official order

First, a filter basket allows baristas to flush their espresso machines. This is important for maintaining the cleanliness of the machine and ensuring that the water used for brewing is fresh and free from any residue or build-up. To flush the machine, the barista will place the filter basket in the portafilter and run water through the machine, effectively cleaning the brewing system.

Second, a filter basket is used for backflushing the machine. Backflushing is a process that helps to remove any built-up coffee oils and residue from the group head of the espresso machine. This is important for maintaining the quality of the coffee and ensuring that the machine is functioning properly. The barista will place the filter basket in the portafilter and run water through the machine for a few seconds, flushing out any built-up oils and residue.

Finally, a filter basket can be used for testing the grind size and distribution of ground coffee. By using a filter basket, baristas can gauge the quality of their grind without actually brewing a shot of espresso. This allows them to make adjustments to the grind size and distribution as needed, ensuring that the coffee is brewed to perfection every time.

In conclusion, a filter basket is an essential tool for baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Its versatility and utility make it an indispensable part of the coffee-making process. Whether you’re flushing your machine, backflushing, or testing the grind, a filter basket is a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to make the perfect cup of coffee.