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WL-1 Aluminum Alloy Dosing Funnel With Magnetic



Dosing Funnel Best Alloy Magnetic 58mm Espresso Moka Pot

A coffee dosing funnel is a tool used in espresso preparation to measure the right amount of ground coffee for each shot. It is a crucial component of the espresso-making process as the right dose of coffee is important for achieving the desired flavor and aroma in the final cup.

The dosing funnel sits on top of the portafilter, which is the component of an espresso machine that holds the ground coffee and filters the water through it to extract the espresso. The funnel acts as a measuring cup to ensure a consistent amount of coffee is used for each shot. The size of the dose can vary depending on the preferences of the barista, but the standard is usually between 7-10 grams for a single shot and 14-20 grams for a double shot.

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color box or cusomized
Stainless steel
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5-7working days
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Using a dosing funnel helps to eliminate the risk of over or under-dosing, which can result in a weak or bitter shot. Over-dosing can also lead to channeling, where the water finds a path of least resistance through the coffee puck and causes water to bypass the majority of the grounds. This can result in a shot that is over-extracted and bitter. On the other hand, under-dosing can result in a shot that is weak and lacks flavor.

The dosing funnel can also help with consistency and speed, especially in a busy café setting. The barista can quickly and easily measure the correct amount of coffee for each shot, allowing for a faster and more efficient espresso-making process. Additionally, it helps to eliminate the need for manual scooping, which can be inconsistent and lead to variations in the final cup.

In conclusion, the coffee dosing funnel is a simple yet essential tool in the espresso-making process. It helps to ensure consistent and accurate dosing, leading to a better and more flavorful final cup. It is a must-have for any barista who is serious about their craft and producing the best possible espresso.