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WG-9 Gooseneck Pot



Gooseneck Pot Oem Commercial Coffee Water Pot For Pour Overs

A gooseneck pot is a type of coffee pot that is designed to pour hot liquids precisely and accurately. It is called a gooseneck pot because of its long and slender spout, which is shaped like the neck of a goose. The gooseneck shape of the spout is essential for the pot’s functionality, as it helps control the flow of liquid, ensuring an even and controlled pour every time.

Gooseneck pots are commonly used for pour over coffee brewing methods, which have become increasingly popular in recent years. The pour over method involves slowly pouring hot water over ground coffee beans in a filter, which is placed over a coffee mug or carafe. The gooseneck spout allows the user to control the speed and direction of the water flow, ensuring that the water is evenly distributed over the coffee grounds. This results in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee, with a delicate aroma and taste.

Product Detials
Color box or OEM design of demand
304Stainless steel
Sample time
5-7working days
Normally ready goods and shipment with 25 working days
( BUT MAINLY depend on your situation)
L/C,T/ T Payment
L/C,T/ T
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1.100% brand new and high quality
2.Interior and exterior mirror polishing
3.Easy to clean and carry
4.Professional QC team control the quality well
5.Fast delivery

Gooseneck pots come in a variety of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. Some pots also come with a built-in thermometer, allowing the user to monitor the temperature of the water as they pour it. Gooseneck pots are also often used by tea enthusiasts, as they provide the same precise pouring capabilities for making a perfect cup of tea.

In conclusion, a coffee pot is an essential tool for coffee and tea enthusiasts who want to control the flow of hot liquids for a precise and even pour every time. With its unique design and functionality, a gooseneck pot provides a simple and effective way to make a delicious cup of coffee or tea. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or just enjoy a good cup of coffee at home, a gooseneck pot is a must-have item in your kitchen.