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Manual Grinder Stainless Steel Coffee Spice Grinder Manufacturer

Manual grinder, It’s a versatile device that allows you to grind small batches of ingredients to a desired consistency using the power of your own hands.

The design of a hand manual grinder typically consists of a handle, a hopper, and a grinding mechanism. The handle is used to rotate the grinding mechanism, which grinds the beans or spices inside the hopper. The mechanism is usually made up of two burrs, which are abrasive surfaces that crush the beans or spices as they pass through. The distance between the two burrs can be adjusted to produce a finer or coarser grind, depending on your preference.

  • *Aviation aluminum+stainless steel+solid wood
  • *Ground Coffee Grinder : Durable & Easy Cleaning.
  • *Torque enhance handle: Save energy & Smooth operated
  • *Suitable for elegant, gorgeous, fashion officers to use.
  • *Adjustable grinding particle size from fine to coarse
NameManual coffee grinder
MaterialStainless Steel
Size5×16.5×17 CM
Sample Lead TimeWithin 5 days after confirmation for available sample
MOQ2 pcs
PackagingEach set with a gas bag and a box or customized
Delivery time10-15days after order is confirmed
Payment termsT/T,LC
Product Capacity50,00set/month

Manual Grinder

Manual Grinder 2

Manual Grinder 1

One of the main advantages of using a hand manual grinder is the ability to achieve a more consistent grind than other methods, such as using a blade grinder. Because the grinding mechanism is operated manually, you have more control over the speed and pressure of the grind, resulting in a more uniform particle size. This is particularly important when it comes to coffee, as a consistent grind size is essential for producing a quality cup of coffee.

In addition to producing a better quality grind, a hand manual grinder is also a more environmentally friendly option. Unlike electric grinders, hand manual grinders don’t require electricity to operate, so they don’t contribute to your carbon footprint. They also tend to be smaller and more portable, making them a great option for those who want to grind their coffee or spices on the go.

One of the potential drawbacks of using a hand manual grinder is the amount of effort required to operate it. Depending on the model, grinding beans or spices by hand can be quite a workout, particularly if you’re grinding a large batch. However, many users find the process of grinding by hand to be meditative and rewarding, and appreciate the sense of control that comes with operating a manual device.

Overall, a hand manual grinder is a versatile and environmentally friendly tool that allows you to produce a consistent grind for your coffee, spices, and herbs. While it may require some extra effort to operate, many users find the process to be enjoyable and rewarding, and appreciate the high quality grind that it produces.

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