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Do you have a partner who is passionate about hand brewed coffee? Just a small coffee filter pot, like the magic of the art of extraction, to retain the original flavor of coffee, its unique taste out of the home at any time to drink a cup of shape are very delicate, even placed on the table, but also has a great decorative effect.

The most important thing about hand brewed coffee is probably the hand brew pot, filter cups, filter paper. No sharing pot can directly find a container to hold, no weighing can be based on the feeling, but no filter cup, you use what filter coffee powder? We often need to use a lot of apparatus in drip extraction, of which the filter cup is very critical. Each filter cup has its own characteristics, and each detail of the design will have a different focus on extraction. Each filter cup, depending on the shape, holes and grooves, will have a different impact on the flavor of the extraction, and each cup has its own design advantages, basically in terms of controlling the rate of water fall, ribs and exhaust.

So how do we go about selecting a filter cup that suits our needs?

Composition of the filter cup

The shape of each filter cup and the combination of holes and grooves affect the flow rate of the extraction and have a different impact on the flavor of the coffee. So when we choose a filter cup, we can also look at three main parts.

  1. Filter hole

The bottom of the filter cup will have single or multiple holes, which we call filter holes.

The size and number of filter holes affect the drip rate of the filter cup, thus changing the extraction rate. In general, the larger the diameter of the filter pores, the faster the flow rate; the greater the number of filter pores, the faster the flow rate.

The faster the flow rate means that more water comes into contact with the surface of the coffee powder per unit of time, carrying away substances from the coffee and increasing the extraction efficiency.

Usually, the faster the flow rate of the filter cup, the higher the requirements for water injection, if the water injection method is not well controlled, it is easy to brew a bland or messy flavor. But when skilled with the ability to be familiar with adjusting parameters and stabilizing the water injection, you can adjust the flavor of the coffee by controlling the water flow at different stages of injection.

  1. Ribs and infusion slots

The inside of the filter cup has some uneven lines, the raised part we generally call ribs, the concave part is called the inflow groove. The protruding ribs are designed to provide more contact area between the filter paper and the filter cup, destroying the surface tension of the liquid so that more coffee liquid can be filtered more quickly, and the presence of the infusion groove can guide the flow of water to filter and provide sufficient space for drainage.

The greater the number of ribs, the deeper the infusion slot of the filter cup, the faster the filtration speed will be.

As a representative of the conical filter cup – V60 filter cup can be said to be very common, cheap and easy to use, simply a godsend general existence.

The V60 filter cup is designed to focus on the speed of water level drop, so that the coffee powder particles reach a better extraction flow rate faster, the internal ribs are designed with a curved swirl structure to assist in speeding up the water flow, extending from the bottom to the top, indicating a smooth exhaust effect. The curved ribs increase the water flow path to increase the contact time between the coffee powder particles and the water.

Overall, the V60 focuses on flushing, controlling the speed and direction of the water flow so that the coffee grounds have enough time to absorb the hot water and integrate the soluble substances can with the water.

Wisdoms’ filter cups, with fine workmanship and artisanal design, are made of pure ceramic, fired at high temperatures, and have a unique fan-shaped structure with stable water flow and high forgiveness rate simple and easy to use to enhance flavor balance and clarity. With Wisdoms hand-ground coffee utensils, focus on quality of life, let the art of living, life artistry.

Fast flow rate filter cup in the extraction process higher extraction rate. It is more suitable for lightly roasted beans and is used to bring out the sweetness and aroma in the beans.

The slower flowing filter cups are usually more oriented towards steeping extraction, which is more likely to provide a stable and even extraction, and are suitable for brewing some deeper roasted beans to bring out the end flavor and texture of the beans.

Each filter cup design has its own unique characteristics, and the resulting coffee has its own unique style. We can choose a filter cup that suits our needs according to the characteristics of different beans or the flavor we want, and slowly adjust other parameters to make a good cup of coffee.

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