WISDOMS is coffee tools manufacturer Supplier founded in 2009


WISDOMS is a wholesale coffee manufacturer who founded in 2009, headquartered in Xiamen, China, focusing on the development of  various coffee accessories, including Coffee Tamper, Coffee portafliter, glass cap and grinder etc… Our products are sold to USA, European, Australia, Japan, Korea and Mid East every month, many repeated customers are pleased with our consistent quality, delivery on time and best service.

What are the main products of WISDOMS

WISDOMS specializes in four main product ranges: Coffee Grinder, Pour-over Kettle, Coffee metal tools and Coffee dripper, etc. We aim to develop one-step coffee solution for better serve our customer to get awesome feeling in coffee.

Certificates and patents

What are the features of WISDOMS products

Professional, Portable, Ease to use, and memorable

WISDOMS’ product design philosophy is rooted on“Professional, Portable, Ease to use, and memorable”. We seek coffee extraction professionalism, design aesthetics, user experience, and provides guaranteed materials, competitive pricing and good service.

What materials and process of production

WISDOMS capabilities include: CNC turning, CNC milling, stamping, Die casting. The WISDOMS’ products are custom made in the material of stainless steel, brass, plastic, aluminium with different finish options to be widely used as customized made coffee accessories with top quality in the industry.

WISDOMS Mission, Vision and Values

Added to the unmatchable production, WISDOMS sales team, R&D team provide professional services, such as budgetary consultation, drawings and engineering, technical assistance, integration solutions.

Our production process

Provide Drawing /Samples

Send Quotation Whitin 24 Hours

Samples Confirmed

Bulk Production

100% Complete Inspection

Delivery on Time

Persistent for love

In the spring of 2002, Rebecca came to Xiamen from Northern China. She was not able to adapt to the weather and culture from the cold zone to the subtropical zone. She could not understand the local dialect and her mouth and tongue were rotten due to the climate. Wisdom was born in South China and three years older than her. Wisdom was clumsy in expressing himself, while Rebecca was very communicative. He liked Rebecca’s voice and demeanor when she spoke.

Then the two young people met. Every time Wisdom came, he brought different food and drink to her. Since Rebecca’s insomnia affected her work, Wisdom brought coffee to refresh and encourage her. The two of them always drank coffee while talking about the past and future.

But Rebecca was arranged by marriage contract by her family, they just silently buried the feelings in the bottom of my heart.Soon after, Rebecca was chosen by the family to marry a boy. For several days, Winston could not see Rebecca, and his heart was torn with anxiety. When Rebecca finally appeared at the table after one month later, she had lost a lot of weight and looked haggard. Winston wrote an indelible memory in coffee beans on the side of the cup while preparing the coffee, and a few days later Rebecca was married. A year later, Rebecca can not stand the torment of missing, Rebecca divorced with children and live by herself with the missing. 

After the divorce, Rebecca met Winston again. He was married, had children and lived a quiet life. Two people shed tears, heart ripples again, Rebecca knew that there was a moral bottom line between them, also did not want to destroy his quiet life, Rebecca put this love hidden in the heart, a person with children living their own struggle of life. Rebecca had many, many suitors in her life, but every time Rebecca would think of the beautiful scene that with Winston having coffee together and can not include others in her heart.

After ten years of emotional torture, Rebecca developed her love and care for Winston into a hand-ground coffee apparatus. With the eternal regret in her heart, she created the Wisdom coffee named after him. Wish each love be an indelible memory. May every relationship meet the right person at the right time. Right person, right time.